Solid Wood Parker Mid-Century Tv Unit Media Console (58″)


Overall product dimensions: 58″w x 19″d x 30″h.
Cabinet dimensions (2): 19.25″w x 17.5″d x 20.5″h.
Each cabinet includes 1 adjustable shelf.
Interior shelf dimensions: 19.1″w x 16.5″d x 0.63″h.
Drawer dimensions (top): 16.5″w x 17.5″d x 5″h.
Drawer dimensions (bottom 2): 16.5″w x 17.5″d x 7″h.
Cord cutout: 7″w x 1.5″h.
Clearance under console: 6.25″.


The “Wooden Parker Mid-Century Media Console (58 inches)” is a piece of furniture designed to serve as a stylish and functional platform for your television and media equipment. Here’s a general description of what you might expect from this piece:

Material and Finish:

  1. Material: The console is typically constructed from wood, often featuring hardwood or engineered wood to ensure durability and stability.
  2. Finish: The finish of the console is likely to embrace the mid-century modern design aesthetic, with options such as walnut or teak finishes, which are common choices for this style. These finishes offer a warm and retro appearance.


  1. Mid-Century Modern Design: The console is likely designed with a mid-century modern aesthetic in mind. This design style typically includes clean lines, geometric shapes, tapered legs, and minimalist hardware.
  2. Tapered Legs: Tapered legs are a hallmark of mid-century modern design, providing a sleek and elegant appearance.


  1. Dimensions: The “58 inches” in the product name suggests the width of the console, which is suitable for accommodating TVs of various sizes. Make sure to choose a unit that matches your television’s width and your room’s available space.

Storage Features:

  1. Open Shelves: The console often features open shelves, designed to hold media equipment like DVD players, gaming consoles, or to display decorative items.
  2. Cabinets: Cabinets with doors may be included to hide away clutter and store items like DVDs, video games, or other media accessories. Adjustable shelves inside the cabinets offer flexibility for storage.
  3. Drawers: Drawers provide concealed storage for smaller items like remote controls, cables, or other accessories.

Cable Management:

  1. Cable Holes: The console may have cable management features, including holes or channels, to help you organize and hide cables and wires from your media equipment for a clean and organized look.


  1. Minimalist Hardware: The hardware on the console is typically minimalist in design, often featuring simple pulls or knobs that align with the mid-century modern style.

TV Stand Compatibility:

  1. TV Placement: The top surface of the console is designed to accommodate a TV, making it suitable for use as a TV stand. Ensure that the dimensions of the top surface are compatible with your television’s size and weight.

The “Wooden Parker Mid-Century Media Console (58 inches)” combines functionality with a distinct mid-century modern design, making it a tasteful addition to your living room or entertainment area. To get precise information about this specific console, including its features, design elements, and available finishes, it’s recommended to refer to the product description and specifications provided by the manufacturer or retailer offering the product.

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