Cobalt Blue Handwoven Soft Big Diamond Blanket

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SIZE: 270 cm x 140 cm SIZE : 106 x 55 inch Weight : 750 g Material :- Handwoven and pashmina.
A pashmina blanket is a luxurious type of blanket made from pashmina wool, which comes from the underbelly hair of the Capra hircus goat, commonly found in the Himalayan regions of Nepal, India, and Pakistan. Pashmina wool is known for its softness, warmth, and light weight, making it highly prized for blankets and shawls. Pashmina blankets are often woven with intricate designs and are valued for their quality and comfort. They are popular as gifts and are considered a symbol of luxury and elegance.   Perfect for: Snuggling Throw on the sofa Pashmina isĀ  Softer and 7-8 times warmer than traditional wool. A perfect choice for Easter, Christmas, Winter, Good Friday gift too. High-high, on the slopes of the mountains of Mongolia, snow-white Kashmir goats graze peacefully and freely, not suspecting their own exceptionalism.   Each Kashmiri goat receives from 100 to 200 grams of the best, elite fiber. This is the warmest of all types of wool. Therefore, it is not surprising that pashmina blankets with exceptional properties are obtained from it. It’s also seven to eight times more insulating than sheep’s wool, so perfect for draping over your bed or sofa – or snuggling under in front of the fire Care and main recommendations – A new product from sheep’s wool should be aired outdoors, preferably within a few hours. – Wash the wool item on your own, better to do it manually. It is recommended to soak the blanket in warm water (with temperature above 30 degrees). – Do not use powders contain bleaching or tint components. – Do not RUB, wring or stretch wool products, as they can change shape to stretch.