Designer Indian Brocade Silk Fabric


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Material :- Brocade Silk Size :- 100 x 113 cm, per meter*
Quantity is per meter , You select 1 qnty = 1 meter. sales by the Meter, more than oneĀ  Meter fabric will be cut in a continuous length. brocades are one of the finest fabrics that India has to offer. It is a specialty of Varanasi, formerly known as Banaras, from which the fabric derives its name. Throughout history, brocade was a fabric of luxury worn by nobility in various cultures, from India to Korea. Brocade is a heavy fabric similar to jacquard with a raised pattern or floral design. Traditionally the pattern was produced with gold or silver thread said to be of such superb quality that they could be woven into fabric of gold and silver. There is evidence of different textured brocades since the Rig Vedic period c. 1750-500 BCE, including fabric of gold known as Hiranya Vastra. Silkora, a mixture of silk and cotton, is a modern textile innovation of Banarasi brocade. Can be used to make dresses, shirts, blouses, lehengas,gowns, fashion accessories or home accents etc. Thank You